Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Instant Cappuccino & Cappuccino Machines

Instant cappuccino is the cappuccino coffee that can be prepared instantly with proper and balanced elements and still giving exotic taste and flavor. Instant cappuccino comes in many varieties all over the world. Some great coffees are instant cappuccino- French vanilla, Instant cappuccino- Mocha, Instant cappuccino- Caramel, Caffe Vergnano instant cappuccino and so many more.

The basic instant cappuccino is prepared in a nice and elevated style. You need ¾ cup of powdered chocolate drink mix, 1 cup of instant coffee granules, 1 cup of confectioners sugar, 4 cups of powered milk, and ½ or 7 ounces of jar non dairy amaretto flavored creamer. You have to combine non dairy creamer, powered milk, confectioner’s sugar, instant coffee and chocolate drink mix in a large bowl. You need to store it in air tight box or container. When you want to serve it, just stir 3 tablespoons of the mixture along with 6 ounces of the boiling water. Each serving contains 103 calories, 4.3 grams of fats and about 14 grams of cholesterol. The nutritional value is quite good.

The commercial cappuccino machines are used for making cappuccino coffee on the commercial basis by the restaurants, hotels and big professional centers. All those business holders who really want to add the delicious sense of cappuccinos to you menu at your restaurants but actually do not want the hassle and also the expense of big commercial cappuccino machines then there are really compact machines and pod systems available in the market which can whip up the delectable cup of cappuccinos and also espressos in few seconds and no time.

Instead of large and heavy cappuccino machines one the restaurant and hotel holders can go for Commercial cappuccino espresso machine which is quite easy to use and any staff member or crew member can brew it with speed and foolproof  cup of cappuccino and you do not require any skill for that.
There is no botheration of price, weight and care. It has the ability of preparing finest coffee beans in order to produce individual cup servings without any mess, no extended brewing procedure, and that also with no time to clean it up.

People who really want to feel the exotic and fabulous taste and flavor of cappuccino at home and do not want to go out again and again for having that experience, they should search out well in order to get the best cappuccino machine. There are various excellent machines available in the market. Lets have a look on some most preferred cappuccino machines.

The best cappuccino machine should be portable, deserving price rate, easy to use, compatible, less time preparation and no worry about the cleaning it.

Actually the coffee lovers can spend over hundred’s of dollars in order to purchase a nice cappuccino machine for home use but you should know that there are many machines available in the market for about $100. Mid range cappuccino models are sold by Capresso, Bialetti, Krups, and Delonghi companies. Moreover, the luxury and high range machines are manufactured by Gaggia, Saeco and Solis companies………..

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