Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cappuccino Recipes and Cappuccino Coffee Types

A cappuccino coffee is actually a coffee drink which is made by using steamed milk and espresso together. In reality the cappuccino is one of the hardest coffee making process in order to result with right taste and flavor. It definitely demands proper skills on the side of the barista which actually prepares the coffee.

Cappuccinos are made actually through pouring a small shot of espresso all into a ceramic cup, after that the steamed milk is swirled over it. Then the final result is a coffee drink along with something from a tiny dot of foam in to the middle of the layer which covers the whole coffee drink in reality. The ceramic cup is used because it has the classic ability to hold on the heat in a proper manner. It permits the consumer to experience the flavor in a traditional but strong manner and that also with balanced proportion of both coffee and milk with each and every sip. In few regions, this cappuccino coffee is dusted along with cocoa or cinnamon powder early to its serving.

Iced cappuccino is the drink which is produced by using three elements that are hot milk, milk foam, and espresso. Another difference is that it also uses ice as an additive which is actually known as Iced cappuccino. It is served in porcelain cups with textured milk.

If you are the one who really likes the iced cappuccino then you will definitely like the exotic taste of the iced cappuccino all by Iced ‘Spresso. It is actually appreciated all through out the world and all amongst the coffee lovers. It is definitely a great and fine drink for every occasion without any doubt. The ‘Spresso actually have low calories and low carbohydrates so don’t bother about weight gain. You do not have to refrigerate it because it has the ability to retain its taste and flavor easily.

It in real sense makes use of reliable Colombian coffee for the Iced foam. This is because the Colombian coffee beans are considered to be the best all around the world where the lovers can actually have the taste of pure coffee and nothing else. It never uses any sugar but does make use of light latte
Cappuccino recipes are really delicious and you can prepare them you’re your own kitchen with ease. As the cappuccino drinks are so famous therefore, it is the need of the hour to learn how to prepare them at home.

In fact there are tons of recipes but always go for the recipes that uses syrups. You can stir up your concoctions. Have a look at the basic cappuccino recipes to be prepared at home:

Almond Cappuccino:
first add up a double shot of the espresso to a cup and then fill it with 4 ounces of frothed milk along with a dollop of foam at the top.

Bone Dry Cappuccino:
here you need to add just one shot of espresso along with a complete cup of foam.

Chocolate Cappuccino:
first make a basic cappuccino without using chocolate milk for the frothing or steaming purposes. Actually make use of 1/3 steamed chocolate milk, 1/3 frothed chocolate milk and also 1/3 espresso.

Dry Cappuccino:
Here you need one shot of espresso along with ¾ cup of foam and ¼ cup of hot milk…..

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