Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to make good cup of coffee

Everyone who wants to learn Coffee making must learn about coffee first and then how to make it. It is the first basic towards a good coffee making.

Ethiopia is the originating nation for coffee. Coffee actually became popular through Middle East countries until and unless the Turks failed to invade the right coffee beans at Vienna in 1683 and left behind some strange brown beans which were not liked by anyone.

Now the coffee making process is not easy for every one out there. There are many versions of coffee. In fact the best way to prepare a coffee is the way you love to prepare. There are many shops which are high on food meals but low in coffee response and this is because they do not possess the art to prepare a wonderful tasting and smelling coffee. The coffee can be either cold or hot. There are many coffee recipes that include alcohol.

To make coffee you should first use good quality of coffee which is freshly roasted and then grounded. After that take up clean, fresh and cold water. The bottled and filtered bottles can also work but the water should not be distilled or really soft in process. The coffee powder should be finely grounded and then the cup should also be cleaned well. Do not keep the coffee for a longer period of time, it will be deteriorated. It is not allowed because it changes the taste. The brewed coffee should not be boiled. You are recommended to use about 70 grams of coffee for one liter of water.

In order to make good coffee, you have to follow some steps in a prefect and described manner.

Use fresh beans which have strong smell and are little oily in appearance, otherwise not. The best thing to do is to purchase the beans from a near by roaster and then roast the fresh beans your self. They are fresh for few days only.

Store the coffee beans in an air tight container, mind it totally air tight not even a single portion or a small portion that allows the air to come in. you do not need to refrigerate  them. Just keep them dry, do not allow air to moisturize it and keep them air tight.

The time when are well prepared to make coffee, grind the stored and fresh coffee beans to a mid fine level. Remember not to grind them at night before preparation because it will become stale and will not add the exotic taste to flow. Use the coffee as per your requirement but it is recommended to use 1 scoop of bea powder for every single cup.

First filter the water. If you have used unfiltered before in your coffee maker then clean it up in order to remove all the mineral deposits. You can easily get the best coffee from regular coffee drip makers.

If you will add too much milk and sugar then it will result in bad coffee for sure. A good coffee is a pleasant and complex taste along with several delicate elements. You can drink it black or with a little cream as per your taste but do not add sugar in to it……

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