Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Coffee Latte Recipes-Iced Coffee Latte

A coffee latte is actually a combination of coffee and milk. The thing to remember is that it is made from hot milk. It can be replaced with many variants in all. In latte the e vowel is pronounced in a different manner which is almost suitable for several French word combination.

The coffee latte is served actually in a glass on a saucer along with a napkin which is used in order to hold the hot glass properly. Many times it is also served in a bowl.

A basic coffee latte requires regular grind espresso or some dark roast coffee, then 1 cinnamon stick as broken, then water, skimmed milk and grounded cinnamon or you can also used nutmeg.

Remember to place the cinnamon stick and espresso in a filter basket of coffee pot. After that brew coffee with the water. Then you need to stir sugar into the coffee and pour the milk into it. Heat the milk in a small pan till it gets properly steamed. You should also blend the half portion of milk in a blender at a really high speed until it becomes foamy. Then pour hot milk and also spoon foam on the top. Then sprinkle cinnamon or nutmeg powder on the coffee latte early to serve.

Latte is dark roast coffee which is made with milk and cappuccino is a dark roast coffee made with steamed milk and foam on the top. They can be altered according to the need and with different types of roasts and thus Cappuccino latte can be prepared. The thing to be considered is that you will have to choose your roast style, the type of milk and milk foam and the right toppings.

It is really simple to make even at home as many machines are available in the market at present that can prove to be helpful in creating your cup of coffee. The cappuccino makes your coffee with a different essence and taste. You do not need to go to coffee stores and café to taste your bud.

The Mocha latte is not only about the whipped cream and the chocolate which is a pure American style but the mocha latte is all about the espresso taste. The mocha latte is about the taste of espresso in a pure form. With this form of latte you will have to start with espresso and the heated and really hot milk.

One of the basic recipes for Mocha latte consists of putting the chocolate ground powder or chocolate syrup in to the cup or a coffee mug before adding the espresso and milk which is easy to stir up. You will have to stir it up well for nice foam.

There are several coffee shops which actually uses candy flavored drinks in order to make mocha latte which acts as a base for it. Even you have the choice to add up chocolate with almonds or some other nut flavors. Many people also make mocha latte with caramel and mint as an additive to it for some more aesthetic taste and flavor……

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