Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to make good cup of coffee

Everyone who wants to learn Coffee making must learn about coffee first and then how to make it. It is the first basic towards a good coffee making.

Ethiopia is the originating nation for coffee. Coffee actually became popular through Middle East countries until and unless the Turks failed to invade the right coffee beans at Vienna in 1683 and left behind some strange brown beans which were not liked by anyone.

Now the coffee making process is not easy for every one out there. There are many versions of coffee. In fact the best way to prepare a coffee is the way you love to prepare. There are many shops which are high on food meals but low in coffee response and this is because they do not possess the art to prepare a wonderful tasting and smelling coffee. The coffee can be either cold or hot. There are many coffee recipes that include alcohol.

To make coffee you should first use good quality of coffee which is freshly roasted and then grounded. After that take up clean, fresh and cold water. The bottled and filtered bottles can also work but the water should not be distilled or really soft in process. The coffee powder should be finely grounded and then the cup should also be cleaned well. Do not keep the coffee for a longer period of time, it will be deteriorated. It is not allowed because it changes the taste. The brewed coffee should not be boiled. You are recommended to use about 70 grams of coffee for one liter of water.

In order to make good coffee, you have to follow some steps in a prefect and described manner.

Use fresh beans which have strong smell and are little oily in appearance, otherwise not. The best thing to do is to purchase the beans from a near by roaster and then roast the fresh beans your self. They are fresh for few days only.

Store the coffee beans in an air tight container, mind it totally air tight not even a single portion or a small portion that allows the air to come in. you do not need to refrigerate  them. Just keep them dry, do not allow air to moisturize it and keep them air tight.

The time when are well prepared to make coffee, grind the stored and fresh coffee beans to a mid fine level. Remember not to grind them at night before preparation because it will become stale and will not add the exotic taste to flow. Use the coffee as per your requirement but it is recommended to use 1 scoop of bea powder for every single cup.

First filter the water. If you have used unfiltered before in your coffee maker then clean it up in order to remove all the mineral deposits. You can easily get the best coffee from regular coffee drip makers.

If you will add too much milk and sugar then it will result in bad coffee for sure. A good coffee is a pleasant and complex taste along with several delicate elements. You can drink it black or with a little cream as per your taste but do not add sugar in to it……

Cappuccino Recipes and Cappuccino Coffee Types

A cappuccino coffee is actually a coffee drink which is made by using steamed milk and espresso together. In reality the cappuccino is one of the hardest coffee making process in order to result with right taste and flavor. It definitely demands proper skills on the side of the barista which actually prepares the coffee.

Cappuccinos are made actually through pouring a small shot of espresso all into a ceramic cup, after that the steamed milk is swirled over it. Then the final result is a coffee drink along with something from a tiny dot of foam in to the middle of the layer which covers the whole coffee drink in reality. The ceramic cup is used because it has the classic ability to hold on the heat in a proper manner. It permits the consumer to experience the flavor in a traditional but strong manner and that also with balanced proportion of both coffee and milk with each and every sip. In few regions, this cappuccino coffee is dusted along with cocoa or cinnamon powder early to its serving.

Iced cappuccino is the drink which is produced by using three elements that are hot milk, milk foam, and espresso. Another difference is that it also uses ice as an additive which is actually known as Iced cappuccino. It is served in porcelain cups with textured milk.

If you are the one who really likes the iced cappuccino then you will definitely like the exotic taste of the iced cappuccino all by Iced ‘Spresso. It is actually appreciated all through out the world and all amongst the coffee lovers. It is definitely a great and fine drink for every occasion without any doubt. The ‘Spresso actually have low calories and low carbohydrates so don’t bother about weight gain. You do not have to refrigerate it because it has the ability to retain its taste and flavor easily.

It in real sense makes use of reliable Colombian coffee for the Iced foam. This is because the Colombian coffee beans are considered to be the best all around the world where the lovers can actually have the taste of pure coffee and nothing else. It never uses any sugar but does make use of light latte
Cappuccino recipes are really delicious and you can prepare them you’re your own kitchen with ease. As the cappuccino drinks are so famous therefore, it is the need of the hour to learn how to prepare them at home.

In fact there are tons of recipes but always go for the recipes that uses syrups. You can stir up your concoctions. Have a look at the basic cappuccino recipes to be prepared at home:

Almond Cappuccino:
first add up a double shot of the espresso to a cup and then fill it with 4 ounces of frothed milk along with a dollop of foam at the top.

Bone Dry Cappuccino:
here you need to add just one shot of espresso along with a complete cup of foam.

Chocolate Cappuccino:
first make a basic cappuccino without using chocolate milk for the frothing or steaming purposes. Actually make use of 1/3 steamed chocolate milk, 1/3 frothed chocolate milk and also 1/3 espresso.

Dry Cappuccino:
Here you need one shot of espresso along with ¾ cup of foam and ¼ cup of hot milk…..

Instant Cappuccino & Cappuccino Machines

Instant cappuccino is the cappuccino coffee that can be prepared instantly with proper and balanced elements and still giving exotic taste and flavor. Instant cappuccino comes in many varieties all over the world. Some great coffees are instant cappuccino- French vanilla, Instant cappuccino- Mocha, Instant cappuccino- Caramel, Caffe Vergnano instant cappuccino and so many more.

The basic instant cappuccino is prepared in a nice and elevated style. You need ¾ cup of powdered chocolate drink mix, 1 cup of instant coffee granules, 1 cup of confectioners sugar, 4 cups of powered milk, and ½ or 7 ounces of jar non dairy amaretto flavored creamer. You have to combine non dairy creamer, powered milk, confectioner’s sugar, instant coffee and chocolate drink mix in a large bowl. You need to store it in air tight box or container. When you want to serve it, just stir 3 tablespoons of the mixture along with 6 ounces of the boiling water. Each serving contains 103 calories, 4.3 grams of fats and about 14 grams of cholesterol. The nutritional value is quite good.

The commercial cappuccino machines are used for making cappuccino coffee on the commercial basis by the restaurants, hotels and big professional centers. All those business holders who really want to add the delicious sense of cappuccinos to you menu at your restaurants but actually do not want the hassle and also the expense of big commercial cappuccino machines then there are really compact machines and pod systems available in the market which can whip up the delectable cup of cappuccinos and also espressos in few seconds and no time.

Instead of large and heavy cappuccino machines one the restaurant and hotel holders can go for Commercial cappuccino espresso machine which is quite easy to use and any staff member or crew member can brew it with speed and foolproof  cup of cappuccino and you do not require any skill for that.
There is no botheration of price, weight and care. It has the ability of preparing finest coffee beans in order to produce individual cup servings without any mess, no extended brewing procedure, and that also with no time to clean it up.

People who really want to feel the exotic and fabulous taste and flavor of cappuccino at home and do not want to go out again and again for having that experience, they should search out well in order to get the best cappuccino machine. There are various excellent machines available in the market. Lets have a look on some most preferred cappuccino machines.

The best cappuccino machine should be portable, deserving price rate, easy to use, compatible, less time preparation and no worry about the cleaning it.

Actually the coffee lovers can spend over hundred’s of dollars in order to purchase a nice cappuccino machine for home use but you should know that there are many machines available in the market for about $100. Mid range cappuccino models are sold by Capresso, Bialetti, Krups, and Delonghi companies. Moreover, the luxury and high range machines are manufactured by Gaggia, Saeco and Solis companies………..

Coffee Latte Recipes-Iced Coffee Latte

A coffee latte is actually a combination of coffee and milk. The thing to remember is that it is made from hot milk. It can be replaced with many variants in all. In latte the e vowel is pronounced in a different manner which is almost suitable for several French word combination.

The coffee latte is served actually in a glass on a saucer along with a napkin which is used in order to hold the hot glass properly. Many times it is also served in a bowl.

A basic coffee latte requires regular grind espresso or some dark roast coffee, then 1 cinnamon stick as broken, then water, skimmed milk and grounded cinnamon or you can also used nutmeg.

Remember to place the cinnamon stick and espresso in a filter basket of coffee pot. After that brew coffee with the water. Then you need to stir sugar into the coffee and pour the milk into it. Heat the milk in a small pan till it gets properly steamed. You should also blend the half portion of milk in a blender at a really high speed until it becomes foamy. Then pour hot milk and also spoon foam on the top. Then sprinkle cinnamon or nutmeg powder on the coffee latte early to serve.

Latte is dark roast coffee which is made with milk and cappuccino is a dark roast coffee made with steamed milk and foam on the top. They can be altered according to the need and with different types of roasts and thus Cappuccino latte can be prepared. The thing to be considered is that you will have to choose your roast style, the type of milk and milk foam and the right toppings.

It is really simple to make even at home as many machines are available in the market at present that can prove to be helpful in creating your cup of coffee. The cappuccino makes your coffee with a different essence and taste. You do not need to go to coffee stores and café to taste your bud.

The Mocha latte is not only about the whipped cream and the chocolate which is a pure American style but the mocha latte is all about the espresso taste. The mocha latte is about the taste of espresso in a pure form. With this form of latte you will have to start with espresso and the heated and really hot milk.

One of the basic recipes for Mocha latte consists of putting the chocolate ground powder or chocolate syrup in to the cup or a coffee mug before adding the espresso and milk which is easy to stir up. You will have to stir it up well for nice foam.

There are several coffee shops which actually uses candy flavored drinks in order to make mocha latte which acts as a base for it. Even you have the choice to add up chocolate with almonds or some other nut flavors. Many people also make mocha latte with caramel and mint as an additive to it for some more aesthetic taste and flavor……